Dalian Huisheng Trading Co.,Ltd was established in 2001 , The Company is headquartered in Dalian .It is a professional supplier
of Chemical industry series and food addittives products in Dalian
Liaoning Province,China.It's mainly engaged in the import and
export business of various food addititves
and Chemical products  .We are one of the main chemical exporters in China, our products
sell well in
Italy ,South Korea,Canada,Poland,Australia,Mexico, Germany, The United States and Southeast Asia Etc .We focus on the
integrated procurement ,sales of chemicals and food additives distribution and after sales
services.providing procurement evaluation ,
technical support,Customized products services commissioned
manufacturing for our partners .

Major Business of Huisheng
Dalian Huisheng has maintained partnership and technical cooperation with many Chinese enterprises throughout many years ,and established
a uniqure and advantageous supply chains system. At the same time,Huisheng has closely cooperated with many foreign well-know chemical
and food additive enterprises ,Created its own brand and technical patent  and developed a variety of Blends Phosphate and Non-Phosphate
additives that special for aquatic products which possess excellent performance of water preserving、weight increasing and improving texture
With its special formula and stable effect ,we sell well all over the world , we are willing to make customized services for your any products.